About SCEI

Senior Care Entertainment International brings top quality entertainment to nursing homes, retirement homes, and assisted living homes. We strive to bring the highest quality of entertainment to seniors and elders from a wide variety of tastes, cultures, and time periods. All entertainers have been thoroughly vetted to make sure they are of the highest standards.

Our Online Platform

We have created a booking process that is simple, fast, and direct. After signing up, activity persons can start booking musical entertainment for their homes. All you do is simply input the time, date, and type of genre(optional). All available performers that fit that criteria will appear. From there you can view profiles and simply click one button to book! If for some reason there is a cancellation SCEI will try to find a substitute of similar style in order to fill that booking.

Our Mission

SCEI strives to provide quality entertainment for senior and elder communities, senior care, sub acute rehab, and assisted living homes. We keep the booking of talent into senior and elder environments simple, efficient, personable, and budget affordable!

Our Process


Our system is built for you! All you have to do is put in the time, date, genre, and all the available performers that fit your search will appear for you!


With our system you won't need to talk with the performers about date, time, and money. The performers that fit your search will be the only ones that appear with a bio, pictures, videos, and price.

Book in one click!

After viewing the profile of the potential entertainer/group and deciding they are the right fit, you book them with one click!

Automated Billing

SCEI takes care of all of the billing and paperwork for you. No more chasing down invoices and paperwork!


If there is a cancellation SCEI will try to find a performer that fits your original request. We will always get your approval before filling the request.


We are here for you and are available with online and phone support!

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  • -Online Booking Platform
  • -Email Support
  • -Phone Support
  • -Automated Booked Gigs and Invoicing
  • -One Click Cancellations
  • -Automated Payment Of Choice
  • -All Paperwork Is Handled By SCEI
  • -No Emailing Back and Forth With Client
  • -Complimentary Advertising and Recommendation Of You As A Preferred Performer

Activity Directors


  • -Online Booking Platform
  • -Automated Invoicing
  • -One Click Cancellations
  • -Phone Support and Email Support
  • -Simple Three Step Booking Process
  • -All Paperwork Is Handled By SCEI
  • -No Emailing Back and Forth With Performer
  • -Access To Our Curated Database Of Qualified Performers
  • -Complimentary Recommendations/Bookings For Cancelled Performers